An aggressive lien defense solution that aligns with state-of-the-art technology to bring you a service addressing all your lien resolution needs. We combine our progressive lien negotiations with CompleteReview™ and CompleteExpert™, adding medical provider analysis expertise (SIU) to generate proven results. We developed a proprietary software system platform—CUBE™ (Company User Base Enterprise)—that will integrate with clients’ processes to manage liens effectively and efficiently. CUBE™ provides reports, and real-time access for up-to-the minute stats – Learn More.

Software Systems
CUBE™ – Lien management software tracking program
HEAT™ – Provider vetting program

Dispute Resolution
• Negotiations
• Lien litigation representation

Bill Review—(CompleteReview™) As needed
• Certified Medical Coders

Expert Witness(CompleteExpert™)
• Workers’ compensation (fee schedule and U&C)
• Criminal courts (medical billing fraud and abuse)

• POA (Plans of Action)
• Status reports
• Hearing reports
• Closing reports
• Management reports
   ◦ Quarterly
   ◦ Annually


• 88% or greater gross savings

• 81% and better net savings

• Greater than 70% of referred providers settle in-house

• 31% of files set for Lien Conferences

• 7% of files set for Lien Trials