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Cycle for Heroes

Cycle for Heroes

November 4, 2019

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Cost First participated in Cycle for Heroes in support of The Heroes Project. The event took place at the Santa Monica Pier this past Saturday, November 4. Cycle for Heroes is a 3-hour rock ‘n’ roll inspired outdoor stationary cycling event where you will fundraise, cheer, sweat, and show support for our injured community and their families.

All donations go directly to The Heroes Project’s mission to organize training and expedition programs for wounded marines, soldiers, veterans, and civilians.  These expeditions challenge the severely wounded to redefine their personal limits post-injury.  The Heroes Project inspires our injured community to find purpose, both physically and mentally, and ignites others to do the same.

Good Morning Y’all!!!

September 6, 2019

It is my pleasure to announce that CostFirst won BEST BOOTH at the CWC & Risk Conference.  We are awarded a free entry next year with premier real-estate venue.  It is also my pleasure to share with you all that Michael Lents took away best male costume last night as well. The judges clearly saw all your love for CostFirst through the work that you do.  They were most impressed with the synergy of CostFirst.  Everyone participated and brought their individual talent and showcased it for everyone to see.  Your labor of LOVE was much appreciated.

We will need to bring it back again next year. Thank you everyone for all your effort and making that extra effort to show how much you love and care for your work family and CostFirst.

Congratulations CostFirst!!!!

Best Male Costume

September 6, 2019

CostFirst’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael E. Lents, won BEST MALE COSTUME at the CWC & Risk Conference. The conference was held at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California. The theme of the show was “The Wild, Wild West.” CostFirst also won Best Booth.

CostFirst & Broadspire at the Brea Walkathon

May 9, 2019

Brea, CA – CostFirst and Broadspire participated in the Walkathon to raise funds for ALS. Fundraising through the Walk drives bold and urgent innovation as we march together toward a treatment and ultimately a cure for ALS. Please use our contact form if you would like more information or to participate in future fundraising efforts.



April 18, 2019


Monterey, CA – Not unlike police officers becoming familiar with the vehicle code or penal code in order to effectively do their jobs, those involved with insurance or medical fraud must understand the complexities behind medical bill coding. More importantly, the nexus between the codes used by a provider and the medical necessity of the treatment provided can help identify medical fraud.

Cycle for Survival

March 2, 2019 

CostFirst recently participated in  Cycle for Survival on Saturday, March 2. The movement is dedicated to beating rare cancers and a cause that’s near and dear to our heart. 

CostFirst Turns 14

Feb 9, 2019 

CostFirst recently celebrated another company birthday marking 14 years in business. As part of the celebration, members of the CostFirst team participated in a Better World Running event in Van Nuys.